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The Waterwall Fatboy Tank is a modular rainwater storage tank for contemporary homes. Innovative and modern in design, Waterwall products aim for maximum capacity, minimum footprint.


  • Dimensions - 7'6" long x 6’7" high x 2'4" deep

  • Capacity - 650 gallons

  • Weight - 220lb empty; 2.8 ton full

  • Inlet - A 12" mosquito proof leaf strainer supplied with the tank can be placed in any of three inlet positions on the top.

  • Overflow - A 3" flanged overflow outlet is provided, including rubber seal and screws for installing. There are overflow positions on either end of the tank.

  • Outlets - Two brass threaded 1" tap outlets - one in each end and one low on the front of the tank, plus one 3/4" tap outlet at knee height on the front of the tank.

  • Footing - A level, solid base is all that is required for Waterwall Fatboy such as cement pavers or a contained sand base.

  • Material - High density polyethylene, UV stabilized, FEA approved for holding potable water.

  • Installation instructions - Step by step details of installing the Waterwall Fatboy rainwater tank are below.